Do Crooked Baby Teeth Mean Your Child Will Have Crooked Adult Teeth?

It can be concerning for parents if their child’s teeth come in crooked at first. They may picture sky-high dental bills for braces in the future, or they may just have trouble cleaning their kids’ teeth if they’re not evenly spaced. If you’re wondering what crooked teeth will mean for their adult teeth, we’ll look at what causes crooked teeth and what you can expect.

What Causes Crooked Baby Teeth?

There are a few culprits here for crooked baby teeth in Norton, OH, and they include:

  • Genetics: The combination of the mother’s and father’s genes can make for some interesting interpretations in your child’s mouth.
  • Tongue thrusting: When a child isn’t swallowing correctly, the tongue movements can cause the teeth to come forward. Sometimes called an open bite, you can identify this condition if the front tooth doesn’t meet the bottom when the child closes their mouth.
  • Additional teeth: If an extra tooth comes in between the front teeth, it will need to be extracted before it can wreak havoc elsewhere. (This is rare, but it does occur.)

What Do Crooked Baby Teeth Mean for Adult Teeth?

Thankfully, it usually doesn’t mean anything. The older the child gets, the more their mouth and jaw will change. As they grow, their teeth tend to straighten out. This means that even if the baby teeth are all over the place, you won’t necessarily have to worry about their permanent teeth appearing in the same positions.

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