3 Myths About Wearing Braces

Many myths about wearing braces have circulated since they first became widely available decades ago. If you’re getting braces in Norton, OH, you need to be aware of these three myths.

1. Braces Are Only For Teens

Braces are widely used for teens because this is a period of time when the teeth are more easily realigned. However, as more adults pay attention to their teeth’s aesthetics and more advanced braces solutions become available, the number of adults who get braces has also increased.

2. Everybody Will Notice

If you get traditional metal braces, they are highly visible when you smile and speak. In the beginning, people indeed notice your shiny new braces! But human nature kicks in, and the more time you spend with friends, colleagues, and others, the less they’ll notice the braces. This is how the brain gets used to seeing things and begins to “normalize” what it perceives. After that first day, people won’t think of you as someone wearing braces; they’ll just think of you as “you”!

3. Braces Take Forever

When you first get braces and hear that it may take about two years, it may sound like an eternity. But, based on other peoples’ experiences with braces, that time passes quickly. And everyone agrees that the braces were totally worth it! Plus, depending on the severity of your alignment issues, you may only need braces for a short period of time!

Don’t live with a lifetime of crooked teeth just because you’ve heard some myths about braces that aren’t even true! Visit Hockenberger Orthodontics and learn the true facts about braces. Our Norton, OH, orthodontist will explain everything you need to know about wearing braces!