Can Clear Aligners Cause Decay?

Have you been considering clear aligners in Norton, OH? If so, you may have already taken the initiative to get to know about this smile alignment treatment by asking around. Undeniably, this modern path to a straighter, more confident smile has its advantages for patients of all ages. However, you may have heard rumors that clear aligners cause tooth decay. Find out why this rumor has no truth behind it below.

So, do clear aligners mean higher cavity risks?

Clear aligners should never heighten your risk of cavities or decay. The key is to follow the orthodontist’s guidelines closely when it comes to changing the aligners and cleaning your teeth appropriately during treatment. Most clear aligners should be worn around 20 hours or more per day and should be taken off for cleaning your teeth and eating.

Why do people believe that clear aligners cause decay?

This rumor usually stems from individuals who either wear their aligners too much or while they are eating. Likewise, not following good dental hygiene practices can lead to decay, with or without the aligners, but aligners may heighten the risks of excess bacteria around the teeth. The only difference is, with aligners, if you are not brushing and flossing, excess bacteria can get trapped closer to your teeth for long periods of time.

How can you deter issues with excess bacteria during treatment?

Always clean your aligners between periods of wear and take the time to brush and floss as usual. After you are finished eating, brush your teeth, clean your aligner, and only then put the aligner back in place. Never slip your aligner back on without brushing. If you must because you are eating away from home, brush your teeth immediately once you get to a place you can.

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