Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Adjustments?

If you wear braces, you know that you have to have regular appointments with your Norton, OH, orthodontist for adjustments. With traditional braces, there’s no getting around these adjustments since they help to control the subtle shifting of your teeth into proper alignment. However, many patients report a feeling of discomfort for several days or up to a week after each adjustment. The question is, why do teeth hurt after adjustments? Aren’t braces supposed to be painless?

What Causes the Discomfort?

When you go in for a braces adjustment, the orthodontist tightens the braces slightly. The resulting discomfort is, unfortunately, a normal part of the orthodontic process. The discomfort comes from the increased pressure on the teeth. You can emulate the same feeling by pressing lightly against your teeth with your finger. In fact, that sensation is nearly equivalent to the feeling after an orthodontics adjustment. The description of “pain” isn’t exactly accurate since it’s more of a feeling of “discomfort.” There truly isn’t any actual pain associated with braces!

How to Manage Discomfort After Each Adjustment

Every time you get a braces adjustment, you can expect to have just about the same level of ensuing discomfort. Every person’s threshold for discomfort is different, so what one person can easily withstand, another person may have to take steps to ease the discomfort. Some ideas for managing discomfort after each adjustment include:

  • holding a warmed heating pad against the cheeks
  • taking a mild over-the-counter painkiller, as approved by your dentist
  • holding a cold compress to the outside cheeks if heat is ineffective
  • rinsing with warm salt water

Considering the discomfort after adjustment appointments, you may be tempted to skip them. However, these appointments are critical to continuing the ongoing progress of your orthodontic treatment, so never skip them. To book your next orthodontics adjustment in Norton, OH, contact us today.