What Is a Temporary Anchorage Device?

A Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) is a small dental implant made of titanium alloy, and it’s used to shift teeth to correct bite issues. They can pull teeth forward, fill in a tooth gap, or help a broken jaw heal.

How long they stay in your mouth depends on the orthodontic treatment, but the general idea is that they’re used temporarily to stabilize a force. It provides a single point that a wire or elastic would need to push up against so the mouth can fully reposition itself. We’ll examine why an orthodontist in Norton, OH, might use it and how it compares to other treatment options.

Is a TAD Better than Headgear?

A TAD is not necessarily better than headgear, but you’re likely to see the same result without having to wear a more cumbersome device. People prefer TADs because the procedure is less invasive and pain-free. The patient will feel some pressure when the device is placed, but the whole thing takes just a few minutes to finish.

A TAD is an implant, but unlike a more ubiquitous dental implant, it won’t integrate with the bone. They are left on for as long as the patient needs to help move everything around, and then they are taken off. Thankfully, the removal process is simple and convenient for the patient. When you wear them, you’re asked to brush them regularly, usually with a special solution, to keep it clean.

Orthodontists in Norton

If you’re interested in orthodontic alternatives, a Temporary Ancorage Device in Norton may be a smart solution. At Hockenberger Orthodontics, you’ll work with a staff who takes your concerns into consideration and works out a treatment plan that is as effective as it is comfortable for the patient.