What Is a Malocclusion?

So you have a malocclusion. Should you be worried?

A malocclusion occurs when your teeth are improperly aligned. Usually, this is hereditary, which is why children are often treated for malocclusion. With routine dental care, most malocclusions can be corrected in youth with simple solutions such as braces or aligners. It is possible to develop a malocclusion later in life, however. Your dentist in Norton, OH, can tell you more about malocclusions.

What Is a Malocclusion?

The term “Malocclusion” is used to describe several dental conditions in which the teeth are misaligned, including:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open Bite
  • Cross Bite
  • Crowded teeth

It’s important to seek treatment for malocclusion because it can interfere with the normal function of your teeth. In other words, a malocclusion may make it more difficult to bite or chew. It can also affect your self-esteem by making you feel self-conscious about your smile. There are other reasons, too.

Why Seek Treatment for Malocclusion?

An untreated malocclusion can cause structural changes to the shape of your face, making you appear older than your biological age. It can also cause you to repeatedly bite your tongue or the insides of your cheeks. You may notice changes in the way you speak if you develop a malocclusion or find yourself breathing through your mouth more often, which can cause additional dental problems.

Fortunately, your dentist has simple solutions for correcting malocclusion.

Help for Malocclusion in Norton, OH

If you’re showing symptoms of malocclusion in Norton, OH, call Hockenberger Orthodontics today. Dr. Brian Hockenberger, DDS, and his staff are all highly trained dental professionals who specialize in treating conditions such as malocclusion. Through the application of dental appliances, such as retainers, braces, or aligners, we can improve the appearance and function of your smile. Call today to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our friendly and experienced dental team.