Hockenberger Orthodontics — How Do Clear Aligners Work?

If you want straight teeth, clear aligners are a great option. They’re comfortable, hardly noticeable, and relatively inexpensive. While it’s easy to understand the benefits of these popular orthodontic devices, do you know how they work?

In this post, we’ll talk about what you can expect with clear aligners.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that help to straighten teeth over time. Working just like braces, they move teeth to their desired position over a matter of months. However, instead of using metal brackets and wires, clear aligners utilize a strong plastic. This device simply snaps over your teeth for a comfortable orthodontic experience. While popular brands like Invisalign offer these clear aligners, you can also find several other providers.

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What to Expect

If you’re interested in clear aligners, the process starts with a consultation with your orthodontist. They will examine your teeth, look at X-rays, and evaluate your dental history to determine if you’re a good candidate. If everything checks out, the next step is to take X-rays and get an impression of your teeth. This information is then sent to a lab to create your aligners.

Once your aligners are made, you’ll have another office visit to try them on and ensure a good fit. If things look good, you get a set of aligners to wear throughout your treatment plan. After wearing one aligner for a week or two, you’ll switch to a new aligner. You’ll continue this process until your teeth have moved to their desired position.

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